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My Papaw John holding me at 6 months old. This is one of my all time favorite family photos. Left to right: me, Papaw John, my sister (Lisa), my mother and father. I hope dad and Papaw run in to each other in the afterlife. Maybe they’ll get to meet my friend Lisa Lowry over there too. I know both those men would get a kick out of her. #RIP #waywayback (at Richmond, KY)


So this just happened while I was in the shower.


lol that’s awesome….but it makes me think…is he actually going to shoot the alternate ending like he’s been teasing about recently?  The one where the rapture actually happens and shit gets all insane!?  I f’n hope so!  I love the way it ended and that shouldnt be changed, but the rapture ending would still be awesome to see…and to be able to choose which ending you want when that point of the movie comes would be even sweeter.

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